Winter survival kit

No winter this winter? It seems we had to wait for a true winter to come. Winter in Germany can be pretty hard, especially in Hamburg where I live. It is not just the cold, but even more the freezing wind, which is typical for my beloved hometown. But now winter hit us from one day to another.

Spring and winter are the best times for knitting or crocheting people like us. Enjoying a cosy evening while knitting is one of the best things to do. I make myself a pot of my favorite tea, watch something or listen to an audio book while I enjoy not being outside. The best part is, that we and our friends and family can or must finally wear the whole stuff we created during the year.

But how do we survive the cold days? By kntting a winter survival kit.


Knitted socks in marine blue with some fair isle. No cold feet this winter.

What do you need for a cold winter?

So, what do we need for a winter survival kit? Important for the cold days are mostly hats, scarves and my favourite: warm socks. You can see them on the pictures. Missing are only some mittens. I’m still thinking about making some…

I love the color of the sock yarn. The dark, greyish yarn is something I would always chose for myself, too. The knitted socks should be simple but not boring. Therefore I added some simple fair isle pattern with beige yarn. You can see the socks at the top of this little article. The fair isle pattern spices the socks up, don’t they?

For the scarf and hat I was using a really thick and warm yarn. It changes the color from red to a dark purple and grey. For both, the hat and the scarf, I was making some cables. Just one discreet on the hat but some more smaller ones on the scarf.


Knitted hat with a simple cable.

The scarf is an infinity scarf. I decided to make it pretty high while not very long. Hopefully you can see the many little cables.


Knitted scarf with with some small cables.

Here are the fitting hat and the scarf.


Matching scarf and hat to survive the winter.

A present for my mother in law

This winter survival kit was made for my mother in law. I got married last year, what was a beautiful, exciting and amazing time in my life. We were very happy to have our mothers’ support during this period. Their decorating skills were priceless and it was an unbelievable feeling to see the support they were giving us. To see someone important being happy for you makes you even more happy and thankful. I wanted to thank her with something special.  As she likes knitted stuff and we got married in October the timing was perfect. I found some yarn she would really like and immediately started to knit the survival kit. She helped us again when she drove us to the train station for our honeymoon, that was the moment I could say thank you.

What do you knit for winter?

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