What is shame knitting?

I’m pretty shure you know what shame knitting is! We all are doing it in our very own way.
The first step towards shame knitting:

It starts with buying yarn? Why is that a problem? Because you know you don’t need it, have no time to use it and wanted to spend less money on yarn… That’s why. So now we bought yarn and walk happy with a lot of inspirations out of the store. Now the regret kicks in. Still happy but a bit ashamed we walk home. At home the new yarn stares at us. “Why don’t you us me???” it seems to scream. Because we are already working on several other projects at the same time! No there are two options:

  1. Denial: Put the yarn somewhere and forget it. Someday you will find int and be happy about it.
  2. Shame knitting: Put everything else aside and knit the yarn as fast as you can! The shame motivates us do get at least something done and we can’t stand the thought of being reminded of it all the time.

Please leave a comment! Do you know shame knitting?