Starting again, my mission statement

I will start again. Here is my mission statement.

Why do I start again?

Because I would regret it if I wouldn’t. Maybe not tomorrow, but in a few years. I have to many ideas and even some ambitions. Knttng is ment to be a hobby not a job. It’s goal is to make me happy, but I hate to just do it a little bit. I’m working in online marketing and there is so much I’d love to learn, stuff you will probably think is boring as hell. I think I need to prove myself that I can make such a thing work, as good as I can.

New ways

Yes I’m lazy. Just knitting and watching stuff is awesome and so relaxing. But in the end it frustrates me. I need to find a new way to trick me into being productive. “Done is better than perfect.” That’s my new mantra. I want this to be my place to do whatever I’d like to, but I’ll try to get a bit more focused and productive. I will share more and show Knttng’s imperfections. Again rethinking the logo, what background to use, how should my brand feel like and many things more…

Mission statement

I will work hard for knttng. My goal is to built something I and other people will enjoy. I want to show the world that knitting and crochet are kickass. Individual, geeky, creative and fun. Crafting is for dudes, too. I’m proud to be a knitting geek and I want others to be as well. I will learn as much as I can and share what I do. I work best when I love what I’m doing. I will not force me to destroy that love for the things I think I have to prove. My family comes first, always. Within this boundaries I will create inspiration as good as I can.

While I’m writing this I’m sitting in our little garden, having a nonalcoholic beer and enjoy the last warm hours of the day. My latest knitting project always with me. Working and chilling, not being fully optimised, my new way.