knitting the force awakens

The force awakens knitting pattern

The Star Wars teaser is out! Finally! Get the force awakens knitting pattern! See the best fan reactions and discus the four main reasons why Episode 7 will be great again.

knitting the force awakens

knitting the force awakens

Four reasons why “The force awakens” will be great

The first Star Wars teaser in the handwriting of J.J. Abrams promises to be at least a goode, maybe even a fantastic Star Wars movie again.

  1. It is old and new: The teaser showed a connection between classic Star Wars elements like the Millenium Falcon, real Stormtroopers or the x-wings (they looked amazing!!!) and the new elements. No “old” character was shown as a sign of the coming new chapter. As much as I love the old cast I don’t want a full movie to focus just on them. Luke should turn out to be a mix between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda and therefore play an important but not main role. This combination of old classic Star Wars elements and the new heroes will make it great again.
  2. The story line and story telling: Star Wars is an action movie with mystical background, not a political thriller with scientific explanations. J.J. Abrams knows that and tries not, like George Lucas did, to turn it into something it just isn’t. The story telling will be closer to the original saga. We won’t see a movie that shows the ment to be main character as a little kid but get right into action.
  3. Realistic expectations: Expectations can enormously change the felt result. I’m very happy to get new Star Wars material but at the same time my expectations a not too high. I love the prequels but the do not reach the first trilogy. If the new movies turn out to be just ok, then I’m fine with it, but I will enjoy them even more if they get close to my all time favorite “The empire strikes back”.
  4. It is fanmade: The new team knows what Star Wars is about. The fans even told them. They are fans themselves or have been working on the classic trilogy. J.J. Abrams is a known fanboy and grew up with the movies he has a better understanding than Lucas had at the end. An example is the use of real sets and props and not a massive amount of CGI effects.

Star Wars “The force awakens” knitting pattern

I had to knit the (maybe) Sith lord or apprentice. The new kind of light saber gives him or her an unique feature I really appreciate. In my opinion the new movies will succed or fall with the new villains. But what I saw in the teaser and the leaked concept work made me convinced that they will work out to fit into the story. Feel free to knit the new villain for yourself but please share the result with me!

The force awakens knitting pattern. A Star Wars knitting pattern.

The force awakens knitting pattern. A Star Wars knitting pattern.

The be best the force awakens fan reactions

I find myself in these fan reactions. I did not cry or screamed because I was in office while it appeared on youtube, but I was close to it. Check out my favorite Star Wars fan reactions:

The funny guy: His Wookie immitation is the best I have seen so far!

The emotional guy:

Mrs. Speechless:

Being 10 years old again:

Scared, cool and happy:

Will it be great? Do you like my knitting pattern?

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