knitted silly walk

Ministry of Silly Walks knitting pattern


There are some things that will never change. For example Monty Python. It will always be funny, that is fact. If some futuristic humans will find old copies of the flying circus or maybe of “life of brian”  I am 100% sure that they will still think that it is the most confusing and funny thing that some crazy minds could think of. By the way, I’m asking myself if YouTube will still be running in like 500 years and people will still comment usefull stuff like “wtf” or “lol” to their favorite Monty Python video. My all-time favorite Monty Python sketch is the silly walk, because it shows perfectly how people work in real life. They take useful things like walking and turn it into something completely stupid and absurd. Just look at the habits of modern politicians during an election… It was a question of honor to implement the silly walk into my geek blanket! I’m still working on my own way of silly walking… At the end of this article you will find the pattern for the knitted silly walk.

You don’t know the silly walk? Watch it!!!

The knitted silly walk

The knitted silly walk

The Ministry of Silly Knits

A great part of the budget, that is given to the Ministry of Silly Walking is used to create innovative new knitting patterns. The pattern you see below is the result of years of research and testing. It was supposed to be kept secret, but as the “sillyleaks” documents were published this amazing pattern found it’s way into public. It takes some time to knit, but when you know how to knit intarsia it’s easy to make! Each pixel stands for a single stitch. Enjoy it!

silly walk XL

Silly Walk flashmob

Has anyone of you of you ever participated in a flash mob? I always wanted to, but never did so far. A flash mob like the following below would be perfect.

What is your favorite Monty Python sketch?

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