Knitted Rey and BB-8

Rey and BB-8 knitted for my blanket

What have we been discussing and imagining who and how the new Star Wars characters will be. Will the old and so loved cast play a major or minor role in the new trilogy? How could there possibly be new characters we would be able to love? New droids? Impossible! Even the prequels did not introduce new droids. But the first trailer showed that new characters can work in new movies. BB-8 was a hit before anyone ever saw him in action. He works as a great addition to the duo C3PO and R2D2 and interacts with even more charisma.

I was a bit skeptical about Fin and Rey at first, Poe seemed to me since the beginning as the kickass X-Wing pilot the fans wanted to see. Fin was one of many positive surprises and adds a new dimension of humor and action to the franchise that is not as clumsy as the prequels (you know which character I mean…). Daisy Ridley played the role of Rey surprisingly good as it was her first bigger movie. She totally made me believe in character and story. By the way I start to think that she will turn evil in the end. Rey shows so much emotions and passion which we know to lead to the dark side of the force. I like the way she played a Luke like character in a different way. So devastated but so full of hope. Frightened but at the same time so powerful.

My geek blanket needed more bigger Star Wars pieces and I decided to make a collage of the scenes prominent in the trailers. The carefully looking BB-8 in the front and the desert wandering scavenger in the back. I wanted a more dynamic piece that actually shows some motion, my other pieces are mostly pretty static. My pieces for the blanket get much more detailed as I get better at making the patterns and wanting to try new stuff to improve my knitting.

This was the first time I added some crochet parts to a piece. BB-8’s crochet eyes are sewed to his head. Making Rey was much fun and I’m glad that she is recognizable. The dress and her hair are the most characteristic and therefore important parts.

I’m pretty sure more Star Wars will follow. Right now I’m reaching a point where I need to start planning my self made blanket. How big should it be an how many pieces do I still have to make? The way the pieces will be arranged will be pretty hard. Should I mix them or should the be sorted thematically?

Knitted Rey and BB-8

BB-8 and Rey. New and knitted Star Wars characters.

Your favorite new characters?

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