Stormtrooper knitting pattern


A Stormtrooper knitting pattern is all you need as a true crafting member of the Empire. Please just aim better with your knitting stitches as they do with teir blasters. I hope this free Star Wars knitting chart will help you. If you heave any further questions feel free to write a comment!

Stormtrooper knitting pattern

knitting pattern stormtrooper star wars

Stormtrooper knitting pattern for true Star Wars fans

What can I use this for?

The pattern is rather big as I made it for a knitted blanket. I used two strings at the same time and therefore it looks bigger than it actually is. I think it will look great on pillows and on sweaters as well.

The knitted Stormtrooper

That’s how your crafted masterpiece will look like in the end. This piece is a tiny blanket for my baby boy and is part of a larger blanket. In the end the empirial stomrtrooper will be one of several pieces sewn together.

Knitted Stormtrooper Star Wars blanket

Knitted Stormtrooper Star Wars blanket

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Empire or Rebellion?

If you are a true member of the First Galactic Empire and not some Rebell scum you might also enjoy this scarf of our great Darth Vader, feared not only by our enemies. Click on the picture to get the pattern for the knitted scarf.


Knitted Darth Vader mask on a scarf


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