Rebellion or Resistance knitting Pattern

starwars_rebellion_resistance_knitting_ pattern_logo

What is a knitting or crocheting Star Wars fan without this logo? The emblem of the Rebellion or later the Resistance is definitely a “must knit” for all knitting Star Wars fans.

This is how it will look like:

My knitted rebell alliance logo.

My knitted rebell alliance logo.

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  1. Hi, I lead a Resistance Knitters group and I started a group page on Ravelry. Scrambling at midnight to have a small logo for the group I found your knitted resistance logo in red. I had downloaded it months ago for an example, with a link to your pattern for my group. But now I’ve plastered your work as my logo. Thought it be temporary but it’s so perfect! I want to know if I can have permission to use it and I’ll include a link to this site on the group page. This group will be trying to create different craftivist projects to meet a multitude of Progressive causes from homelessness, immigrants, environment, animals threatened by the wall, marginalised people. We’ll see where we go with this. But positive, peaceful craftivist activities. Mostly knitting but I’m including any fiber artist. So what do you say?

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