A new dimension of time – my first week as a dad

Hi guys! I just managed to survive my first week as a dad. These days were very intense. It sounds cheesy but it was a real roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. The first days were completely different from the last days of this first week. After you drive to the hospital for some days to visit wife and baby the little newborn suddenly lives under the same roof as you do. Sounds simple, but woah…

The first days with our newborn

The first days are totally exciting. You think you can prepare yourself for about nine months to become a parent. Wrong. Driving to the hospital knowing that the moment has finally come is something I cannot explain. Then a lot of waiting and trying to be as calm as possible. As the dad you can’t do anything really useful. Just being there.

It was a crazy feeling to go to bed alone the first night. There were so many impressions to process. After the adrenaline was out of the system I became so tired like I have never been before. As a father you should enjoy these days as good as you can. Get some sleep and get used to the thought of having a baby. Usually there is still stuff to be done: Cleaning the flat, preparing something to eat for us and buying some missing things was my task within the first days. The mother usually has a hard and sleepless time after the birth, so I tried to make as much as I cold to support her. I loved it so much to visit my now family in the hospital and was there as much as I was allowed to. I had to call so many people and try to keep family and friends visits to a minimum. You know that the friendly hospital staff will take good care and be there for emergencies. Use the time to ask some open questions! The thought of bringing this little guy with us home and taking care of him started to feel like a great responsebilty much more every day. From basics like changing diapers until nutrition, the luckily helped us a lot.

A new dimension of time – coming home

Oh my god. They actually want us to take the baby with us home… They can’t be serious! When do we have to do what? What if? I am responsible? F*ck… Driving home with my wife and kid was exciting. A mix of happiness and some panic. You enter your home and don’t know what to do. I will never forget this moment. “What now?”, “He sleeps…”,”Okay than we’ll wait.” It’s great to bring a baby home, it is the moment I felt like we really became a little family.

It is pretty hard to explain but the way I use and perceive time is completely different now. Before going to bed I can’t tell you what I did the whole day and during the day I can’t get anything done. Everything takes so much more time and effort. Making myself a panned egg on bread took me usually 15 minutes from making the decision until starting to eat. 25 minutes to be finished eating. Yesterday it took me just 1.5 hours to finish cooking and further 20 minutes to eat.

We are still getting used to each other and need to find our rhythm. Sleeping more is something I would love to do. Even having a more regular rhythm wold help. Now we are still very nervous and check for every silent sond if everything is alright. I hope we will be able to get more relaxed.

Of course I finished this two weeks after the first. Couldn’t get anything done back then…


Looking better than I feel.