seasonal knitting trends

A knitters DNA and knitting trends

We knitters a sooo predictable. When winter is coming we are not prepared! I found the proof. :) Ok, it is not that bad. But I expected at least a more even curve or an earlier increase of our search behavior. But let’s start from the beginning. The graph shows us how often people search for the term “knitting” and even more interesting: When they are searching. This graph tells us that knitting is extremely seasonal influenced. I was expecting that but not in this way. We really start to get knitting or to inform us about it in October.The interest increases until December, I would guess not because it is the coldest month but we need to finish our Christmas knitting presents in time! :) This pattern repeats year for year with no real change in the amount over the years.


The most searched knitting topics

Very interesting to see are the top topics around “knitting” as a term, too. I was sure that the term “tutorial” would be in this list as well as the knitting tutorials on youtube have so many views and there are so many great channels out there.

The capitol of knitting?

It seems the statistics get updated, so maybe you might see other terms or cities as I did while writing this post. Right now our knitting capitol seems to be Portland. Congratulations! :)

Which knitting terms do you search for?

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