The knitted chewbacca wookie pillow

Knitted Wookie pillow

The knitted chewbacca wookie pillow

The knitted chewbacca wookie pillow

You want your own Wookie? Then you need to see my very own knitted Chewbacca Wookie pillow! It is not as difficult as it might look like. The knitted wookie pillow is maybe my favorite ever knitted project. Some time ago I wanted to knit a Wookie for my geek blanket. There had to be a knitted Chewbacca otherwise it would not be a good geek blanket. But after buying the yarn and starting to knit the first parts I realized two things:

1. The yarn makes a great Gimli beard.


2. The yarn would not fit into my blanket. It was just to bulky. I fell so much in love with this teddy bear like yarn that I did not think about the fact that it could not fit in. “Wookie yarn, need to knit a Wookie!” So I immediately bought it. No second thoughts. What seems to be a mistake at first turns out as a great purchase.


A knitted Wookie pillow make you must.

I still wanted to knit a Wookie! The conclusion was to find a new way to knit Chewbacca and implement him into my project. He is one of the coolest and most awesome characters in movie history. As a great Star Wars fan he is a must knit for me. Untill I wrote these lines I still have no idea how to make it. So I’ll be thankfull for ideas! But the force was still with me and the Jedi master Yoda appeared as a force ghost to tell me: “A knitted Wookie pillow make you must“. That is how I remembered it, me laying in the snow of Hoth. When starring at the already finished square the idea grew to change plans and make a pillow. To my pattern idea had to be added just a few extra parts. The backside and an extra square to keep the stuffing in the pillow. It turned out as I was hoping. A knitted Chewbacca in a simplistic style.

The pattern will follow soon. Here all you need to make your own Star Wars pillow. Two eyes, great wookie yarn and of course brown and grey yarn.


Have you ever tried?

Have you ever tried to make the Chewbacca sound? I always embarace myself when I try to… But one day, when the time is right, I will make the perfect Wookie sound. :)

What other Star Wars pillows should be made?

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