My knitted Tardis

Knitted Tardis – How to watch stuff while knitting

Hello Whovians! Bow ties are cool, but that is not the topic of this post. A knitted Tardis from Dr. Who is what I’ll be talking about. I decided to make a little Dr. Who square for my geek blanket. It still grows but will take some more years even… Deciding what to create was difficult as there are so many fun things in this universe. The screwdriver was a possibility, too. To confuse everyone whos is not watching the series: a Tardis is some kind of space ship to fly round in time and space. It is bigger on the inside and seems to have feelings sometimes. :)

I do like to watch Dr. Who but what I love is the universe around it. The whole fan scene and self made stuff. Crafted hats, self made Tardis doors and so much more. Just checking pinterest and instagram about it is so much fun.

My knitted Tardis

A knitted Tardis from Dr. Who

Tardis tea pot

Isn’t this Tardis tea pot just great? I got it last year as a birthday present. I use it regularly as I became some kind of a tea addict… But honestly, what is greater than knitting and drinking some tea at the same time?

Get it here*:

Doctor Who Tardis Ceramic Teapot

Tardis tea pot

Tardis tea pot

Free knitted tardis pattern

I made a little pattern for this. You can get it for free when you click HERE or visit the pattern section on my homepage. Enjoy it and please share the final result. It is quite easy to make. You’ll need let and right stitches and should know how to knit intarsia and fair isle.

Tardis knitting pattern

My favorite doctor

Finding your favorite doctor seems to be some kind of science… I haven’t watched the classic episodes yet and am still stuck in season seven so I don’t know the last doctor so far. A final decision will therefore be made in the near future. I really appreciate Matt Smith, but  I have to go with just one of the it is David Tennant. Is there an overall opinion about the best doctor so far? I should do some research. Who is yours?

Watching and knitting

Here is my confession. I like to watch Dr. Who. But just when I’m knitting. Just watching it and not doing anything at the same time doesn’t work or me. Then it is sometimes  a bit to crazy and honestly the endings are often a bit confusing. When I can knit a the same time it is pretty fun. In general I divide movies and series in stuff I watch and can’t do anything else and stuff I watch when I’m working with my needles.

*This is a partner ink. If you buy the pot I’ll get a little comission. Be sure I wrote this post for fun and not for advertising. :)

Your favorite doctor?

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