Knitted kermit the frog

Knitted Kermit the frog

He is one of my childhood heroes and I still love the old episodes and even the new movies. The muppet show is a firework of creativity, anarchy and humor. To knit Kermit the frog as a piece for my geek blanket was something I had to do. I could knit a whole blankte just with muppet characters. Gonzo, Mrs. Piggy, Animal and soooo many more. But as time and space are limited I decided to knit Kermit the frog.

Knitted kermit the frog

Knitted kermit the frog

Knitted Kermit pattern

I found the pattern for my selfmade Kermit on Pinterest, but the pin was already deleted. I still know the “owner”, find her here:

Muppet Show songs

The song used and made for the show are nothing but legendary. My favorite is the intro song.

And of course the song you can never get out of your head.

Who is your favorite muppet?

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