knitted first order stormtrooper star wars

Knitted First Order Stormtrooper

One of the symbols connected to Star Wars: The (knitted) First Order Stormtrooper. But are the new trooper better than the classic ones?

Let’s knit a stormtrooper!

I am so excited about “The Force awakens” and counting the days until the day comes when I finally can watch it. Right now I’m watching every new trailer, YouTube videos and reading the new books. You already know my first TFA knittin piece I made right after the first teaser trailer. The new stormtrooper design really works for me, still classic Star Wars but with a new touch. While being excited a knitted a new piece for my geek blanket. Be sure more will follow. :) Do you like it?


knitted first order stormtrooper star wars

knitted first order stormtrooper star wars

Click here to get the free stormtrooper knitting pattern

It is totally free! Tell your friends! :)

Classic, Clone Wars or First Order Stormtrooper?

This is hard to tell… The new design looks great and beats in my opinion the older versions. I do like the prequels but the animated clone trooper just didn’t have the same charisma the stormtrooper had since Episode IV. From a “badass” point of view, the clone trooper were known to be perfect soldiers while the classic trooper had the reputation of not being able to aim at a close target… Without knowing the movie I would go with the first order stormtrooper, but I will discuss this topic again.

Which troopers are the best, clone troopers classic stormtroopers or first order stormtroopers?

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