Knitted Duff Beer logo.

Knitted Duff Beer for me? Knitted Duff Beer for you?

The Simpsons are pop culture. There is a Simpsons quote for every situation in life. To make a knitted duff beer logo was a duty I was happy to fulfill. Check out my crafted version. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment.

Knitted Duff Beer logo.

Knitted Duff Beer logo.


Duff Beer Punk cover

When I was in my teenage years I played guitar in a punk band “el minorati”. It was such a great time, because we were a group of friends and it was one of our first bands. We wrote our own cover for the Simpsons Duff Beer song and recorded it in our simple rehearsal room. For us this was actually pretty good quality. Just keep in mind that this recording was made before iphones and easy (and legal) studio equipment and software was everywhere available. Enjoy listening!


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