knitted captain phasma

Captain Phasma – pros and cons

Hello Star Wars fans,

what great characters did we see already in the Force Awakens Trailer?! Check out my knitted Captain Phasma and my Pros and Cons list for Phasma. Everyone fell immediately in love with BB8. Me, too! But there were rumours about a new Boba Fett like character. This time played by a woman.The first seconds were terrific. The unique armor the presence of authority and absolute self-confidence.

Let’s knit Captain Phasma!

We got so many mysterious story plots even before we could see the movie. Not knowing what will happen and which role anybody would play made it a fun waiting time, even now we know nothing. Every detail led to more questions. One of the outstanding impressions was Captain Phasma. The chrome amor and the cape are nothing but great. I’m on a pretty bad Star Wars trip for two years now. At this point I started to make my geek blanket and of course Phasma had to be a part of it.

knitted captain phasma

knitted captain phasma

Pros and cons (spoiler warning)

Pros: Phasma is a badass. The design is well made and absolutely unique. This is how villain has to be. Dark, powerful and mysterious. We know nothing about her, but the way she moves and the stormtroopers are afraid of her authority tell us everything we need to know. She has the potential to become a new Boba Fett. We heard just a few words and see nothing but the helmet. I love that the role is played by Gwendoline Christie. Our first female Star Wars villain. It shows a new direction, which was more than overdue.

Cons: I hate when people try to find every possible mistake or weakness in a movie, especially Star Wars. But there are some minor (!) things I did’ like. I was hoping for a powerful Gewndoline Christie in the movie. Captain Phasma was present, but had just seconds of screentime. Playing a role in such an amor surely doesnt give you many ways of putting character into a role. Boba Fett had more interactions with other characters and could create more “emotions” onto his helmet. Christie did a great job and I’m sure some scene had to be cut out. The scene with Fin, Chewie and Han was the only thing I really could complain about. Such a person as Phasma would not switch off the shields so easily. She would fight them or die trying. That was way too fast.

In summary: I still love Captain Phasma. :) I just hope to see more of her, if she survived the trash compactor…

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