How to make crafting tutorials for YouTube?

Making a crafting video for YouTube is a pretty hard thing to do. I tried many ways to do it and failed so many times. But I finally found a cheap solution that really helps me in different ways. I build myself a crafting table for making knitting tutorials and pictures. So how to make crafting tutorials for YouTube?

How to build a background for crafting tutorials on YouTube

Building it is actually pretty simple. First you need to think about what you really need and what you are willing to spend. My version actually cost me nothing, cause I build it out of left overs. What you need is an old table, or a cheap new one, an idea for your video or picture backgrounds and a sort of construction that will hold your camera. I had an old table that I wanted to use, because otherwise it would have gone into the trash. I’m aiming to create an overall look for my pictures and videos. Therefore, I decided to use the same background every time. I went to a building supplies store and bought a box of laminat. This has already been in use for taking crafting pictures but making videos while sitting on the floor is not the most comfortable ways (I tried it…).

This is how my pictures were already looking so far:

Harry Potter and the cursed child.

The laminat boards were fixed onto the table with four screws, most of the laminats have a simple “click system”. Before I fixed them I checked if the camera stand construction would fit. I used an old IKEA stand that now stands about and around the table. You might use a more professional camera stand as well, whatever you have got or left over. The fourth part is a tiny tripod. It helps to fix the camera. That’s pretty much it. Check my tutorial video and please leave a comment!

What this crafting table offers

An easy setup helps to get much more done. Always being forced to built up your whole setu up can be a huge obstacle. The big advantage is a unique look. This makes your work much better recognizeable. I even use the look as the background for my homepage.


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