How to make crafting pictures?

Making knitting or other crafting pictures can be very difficult and mostly it takes a lot of time. I really wanted to make more and better pictures as well as videos and tutorials. One of my biggest obstacles were the setup. It took so much time and energy to rebuild everything for every session. As a result the pictures always looked different or some projects were never documented on camera. I found a way to help me being less lazy. :) I built myself a crafting table! This really helps me a lot. It is always ready and I can make photos out of a mood within minutes.



A simple guide on how to make crafting pictures and even tutorials

I made a simple tutorial on how I build my crafting table. After being more efficient the second big advantage are the photo looks. They will all have a binding element as the background always looks the same.

How to make crafting tutorials for YouTube?


How do you make crafting pictures?

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