My knitted teddy bear

How to become a dad?

Hi guys! I’m becoming a dad! This is totally crazy… It feels like yesterday that I’m in my mid twenties, studying and not caring about anything. A second later I’m over 30, working, married and getting a baby. People are driving me crazy right now. While the women are in a cuteness overload shooting out “the most important” advises the guys can’t stop to tell me that I will never ever sleep again or have a beer with my friends. Still I’m happy even when a little bit nervous. OK, pretty nervous. I’m curios to see how our life will change. I read a lot and talked to many people, but I still have no idea how it will really be our new family life.

When and how do you become a true dad? Is it something you are born with or is it the experience? Parents and grown ups always seemed so wise and almighty. Maybe they just pretended to be and I didn’t get it. I feel not really prepared. Let’s see what will happen, I will try my best.

When it comes to knitting I might be pretty over prepared… I’ll share the pics within the next days and weeks. To be really up to date follow me on Instagram. There is always a time delay because I need to take pictures and I don’t want people to know in real time what is happening in my life.

From the day on my son is born I’m able to stay at home for a full month. I hope I’ll find a quiet moment now and then to write or knit. Wish me luck that I will be able to master my quest

The handknit teddy bear is already waiting for his new buddy.


My knitted teddy bear

My knitted teddy bear for my to be born son