A hunt for Harry Potter yarn

No, this is not a yarn haul. This is the result of my hunt. Real knitting men hunt. I needed some Harry Potter Yarn for a right now secret Gryffindor project. This meant red and yellow yarn that is not to bright and matches almost the right colors. If you are picky this isn’t a very easy task.

Harry Potter yarn and where to find it

Luckily I found it in one of my usual yarn stores. I needed a pretty thin yarn for a re more or less tiny project. But more on that within the next weeks. A friend is a huge Harry Potter fan and her birthday is near. Now I still have some time to turn the yarn into a Gryffindor present.

Harry Potter Gryffindoryarn

Harry Potter Gryffindor yarn

For my Star Wars blanket I went out off yarn. Nothing special but very much needed!


More stuff I bought

For my first knitting tutorial that I’m currently working on two eyes were still missing. I bought some on etsy but they turned out to be a bit to small. Here a my new ones:


In a new danish store in our mall I got some licorice lollipops. I love danish candy. I could resist and bought two new tea blends Baleys and licorice. I can’t wait to try them! :)


This was a succesful shopping, I mean hunting trip! Now I make tea and start knitting!


What was the last yarn you bought?

Please comment!