Picture of a crocheted Wookie made out of granny squares

Granny squares #4 – it’s summer!

What are the psychological stages you go through while making a granny square blanket? I count at least six different so far. You think I`m hysterical? Have you ever tried to knit or crochet a fckng blanket??? 😀 Finally summer came to Germany and for the first time we could take advantage of our tiny but lovely garden behind our flat. Great day: reading a book, lying in the sun, having some naps and working on my blanket from time to time. Even Chewbacca looks relaxed as if he was on his first holiday from the Falcon for years.

Picture of a crocheted Wookie made out of granny squares

Chewbacca is relaxing in the sun and reading a new Star Wars book.

To crochet a blanket is not always that great. To be honest I could not imagine the pain it can create. After a while I recognized that I went through different psychological stages. Some good, some pretty bad. The stages I went through so far while I’m making my 8bit granny square blanket:


After seeing the first self made 8 bit blankets. “Yeah! I need to make one!”


Endless hours of fun while searching for the great motive. So much fun!


Ok, I had some fun making the first squares. So let’s calculate how long it is going to take. I need 400 squares, each one takes 13 minutes to make…


That can’t be true! I created a monster! No, no I most certainly miscalculated the time, just keep making granny squares…


jsbc hr!!!!! encewiufnewuf 992838! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I will never ever finish this!!! dew4r443


I can do it! Almost done!

At least I’m making some real progress right now. To be able to finish this blanket in the actual century is unbelieveable! I established a simple rule: Two pieces a day keeps the madness away. I think the end is near and it already looks like a blanket what motivates me a lot. Creating your own blanket is what I think comes pretty close to meditation. Your hands will follow the same pattern for quite a while and without complicated design ideas your head gets a pretty nice pause. This simple work is very valuable for me. I work with numbers, excel files, too many emails and great stress every day during the week. This blanket really is medicine for me and it literally keeps me healthy. (Can the word “literally” be used in this sentence? I’m not sure, but maybe you can tell me :) )

Speeding up my crocheting

Now I force myself to make some squares a day and immediately sew them onto the blanket. The minimum are two granny squares. This technique helps me a lot. I see the blanket grow every day which gives me the needed motivation. I need to see the result oft my work quite fast otherwise I get frustrated. I divided the big goal of finishing the blanket into smaller ones. By setting small goals I get some satisfaction every time I’m achieving something and don’t get too frustrated. For example: “This week I will finish the part between left arm and head.”

Good news for me is that I’m becoming more efficient. Some weeks ago it took me 13 minutes of crocheting and sewing for each square. Now this number went down to 11 minutes. Yeah! I think I still need to make 90 squares…


What keeps you motivated?

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