My first_ ranny square

Granny squares #1

My first granny square

My first_ granny square

Hi folks! Today is about crocheting granny squares. YouTube has shown me suggestions for tutorials for a long time and some days ago I finally clicked to watch one of them. Making a granny square wasn’t as hard as expected and I searched for some finished blankets. What I found convinced me within seconds.

What I found:

Storm Trooper by InAnotherCastle on DeviantArt

What is it going to be?

Something related to Star Wars, what else? The classic crocheted blankets look great, but I found some stuff for my geeky heart! I remembered a pattern chart with Star Wars characters and luckily found it again. I decided to crochet a Chewbacca blanket. You can see the pattern I use on the bottom left on the picture. I just calculated that I might make about 400 pieces to get a real blanket. 400… That will take sooo much time, but I still love making these little squares even if it might get a bit boring after a while. In the end it might take countless hours of sewing the pieces together, so I think I might sew right after I finish some granny squares.

star wars granny square pattern

star wars granny square pattern

 I found the picture here.

Am I a Granny?

No other term creates such a clear image as “granny squares”. I’m making granny squares therefore I’m not male and of course not young. I’m a granny. For me this is not a real problem but shows the image that is created around my beloved hobby. The brake with this image: I’m making a Star Wars blanket while I listen to bands like Metallica or watch “The Walking Dead”. :)