Give us hope! Today is the day.

The crochet chewbacca blanket. My first ever Star Wars granny square blanket!

The crochet chewbacca blanket. My first ever Star Wars granny square blanket!

Today is the day. What day? The day! This day has finally come: A new Star Wars movie. I’m a huge Star Wars fan for the half of my life now. When I was about 15 I watched Episode I with my family and fell in love with this amazing universe and it’s stories. The Force awakens was so far, far away and felt like something unreachable. But it was a new hope and something I could look forward to. It’s been already three years since we got the news that Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney. I loved the period from this moment until now. It was a time of ideas, speculations and a lot of fantasy. I could not wait for today to come but I enjoyed every moment of waiting. The first rumors about the possible plots, the title (A new dawn?) and the biggest question: Will Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie be back? JJ Abrams managed to fulfill a masterpiece. He made us believe that Star Wars could come back. I mean for everybody. I love the prequels, too, but he made it feel like the classic trilogy.

I thought that I would feel some pressure on this special day. Will Episode VII be able to satisfy the high expectations? If this movie turns out to be a bad movie, the anthology films and the last two coming trilogy episodes will get some problems and many people will feel that Star Wars will never be original and great again. Just wannabe copies and remakes. But all I can feel today is joy. A new Star Wars movie!!! Let’s just enjoy it. No expectations to see the best movie of all times. The trailers show me that the movie will feel like Star Wars. That is all I need to enjoy it. I’ll  watch Eposide VII with my brother today, like the prequels before. Star Wars is family in so many ways.

Give us hope!

Dear JJ Abrams: Give us hope! Hope that Star Wars will be great again and hope as the main theme that makes Star Wars something that so many people love. Hope for a new Star Wars movie was something I felt and enjoyed for the last three years.

May the force be with you!