cocheted chirstmas hat

Christmas knitting

Merry knitting Christmas to all of you! I hope your Christmas knitting projects are finished and you are not in a knitting hurry. What did you knit for this Christmas? I knitted some tiny Christmas hats as decoration or even for breakfast eggs. Enjoy the time with people you love and don`t count the presents you got or give!

Watch my latest knitting vlog to see my Christmas knitting projects!

Nostalgia crocheted Christmas hat :)

crocheted chirstmas hat

crocheted chirstmas hat

I found this hat some years ago. It was hidden in a box and the first hat I ever made. The moment I found it was like time traveling, I went back about 20 years into my childhood. This hat was crocheted when I was eight years old and in 3rd grade. I still see myself working on it, sitting on my little bed, totally focused and crocheting very slowly while waiting for Christmas to finally come! Good old times. Now many years latter this hat is again a big part of Christmas for me and I still wear it (sometimes).

What did you knit for Christmas?

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