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My new logo!

It felt like forever but finally I can proudly present my new logo! I worked on many versions and ideas that never seemed to be what I wanted them to be. The logo should stand for my knitting projects and…

The knitted Heisenberg

Knitted Heisenberg “I am the one who knits”

How can you honor an actor so great, in a TV show that is already legendary? Knit it. The best part of it is that there are so many quotes that can be easily transferred into knitting quotes. Check out…

Knitted R2D2 hat

beep boop beep – r2d2 hat

This is the droid I was looking for! Check out my knitted R2D2 hat.  I saw these selfamde Star Wars hats around Pinterest and Instargram and needed to make one for myself. R2D2 is my favorite droid of all movies…

Hi Knitters! :)

I’m working on my new homepage design. Please be patient. I suggest to watch Star Wars and knit something amazing until I finished the site.