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What are 8bit blankets?

What are 8bit blankets? It is very easy to explain but hard to create. It bases on the 8bit graphics we know from old computer games. Out of a few colors and pixels simple pictures were created. Instead of pixel…


Christmas stress – My last yarn haul for 2016

I really like to make knitted Christmas presents. But why is it always such a stress the days before the holidays? Knitting just takes too much time… I had to open a hat again to make it fit and now…


Yarn haul

I’m just coming home from my latest yarn haul. I did’nt want to buy some, but you know: We are all addicted… Check out my yarn haul pics and the YouTube podcast   I’m sure the colors will be great…


Knitting T-Shirts – Knit’n’Roll!

What happens if it’s late at night, you are tired, have too much time, are no longer reasonable, knit, listen to some decent Rock and Metal playlists while you are playing around with photoshop? Isn’t it obvious? You immediately start…

Selfmade crocheted Chewbacca

Granny squares #3

Hi guys! Here a little update on my geeky granny square blanket. The “8bit Chewbacca” is already done. Making this part of the blanket was the best one, because I could see Chewie grow. Now I have to produce the…

Knitted kermit the frog

Knitted Kermit the frog

He is one of my childhood heroes and I still love the old episodes and even the new movies. The muppet show is a firework of creativity, anarchy and humor. To knit Kermit the frog as a piece for my…

seasonal knitting trends

A knitters DNA and knitting trends

We knitters a sooo predictable. When winter is coming we are not prepared! I found the proof. Ok, it is not that bad. But I expected at least a more even curve or an earlier increase of our search behavior….

A nightmare before christmas knitting

The knitted nightmare before christmas

“What’s this? What’s this?” This is the nightmare before christmas, but knitted! A little visit to Halloween town. I hope you will enjoy the knitting pattern. Please tell me your favorite christmas movies and what you think of the nightmare…


Darth Vader scarf

A scarf Darth Vader would love to wear. Check out my Star Wars scarf ideas and the way I made it. Your lack of knitting disturbes me, better start knitting with my pattern. How to knit your own Darth Vader…

knitting the force awakens

The force awakens knitting pattern

The Star Wars teaser is out! Finally! Get the force awakens knitting pattern! See the best fan reactions and discus the four main reasons why Episode 7 will be great again. Four reasons why “The force awakens” will be great…