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The patterns I used for my knitting projects.


Newborn christmas sweater

Ho, ho, ho, it’s Christmas sweater time! Have (ugly) sweater become a tradition within the last years or were they always wearable no matter how ugly? Making such a tiny Christmas sweater is so much fun. I checked pinterest for…

Knitted Loriot sketch. "Badewanne" Die Ente bleibt draussen!

Loriot “Badewanne” knitting pattern

The craziest thing I ever knitted. Two naked old men in a bathtub. Check ou the video with subtitles below. I love this Loriot comic. A quick upload for zebramouse. That is the result! A new piece for my geek…


Are there too many knitting tutorials?

Noooooo! Stupid question, there are not enough knitting or chrochet tutorials available. But: If you search for tutorials you can easily get lost nowadays. Websites and YouTube channels are offering a great number of tutorials, as it seems all with…

Boba Fett knitting pattern.

Boba Fett knitting pattern

What better time to upload a Star Wars knitting pattern? The day the second Star War force awakens trailer was released. If you want to knit your very own Boba Fett feel free to use my pattern! I used it…

knitted silly walk

Ministry of Silly Walks knitting pattern

There are some things that will never change. For example Monty Python. It will always be funny, that is fact. If some futuristic humans will find old copies of the flying circus or maybe of “life of brian”  I am…

A nightmare before christmas knitting

The knitted nightmare before christmas

“What’s this? What’s this?” This is the nightmare before christmas, but knitted! A little visit to Halloween town. I hope you will enjoy the knitting pattern. Please tell me your favorite christmas movies and what you think of the nightmare…


Darth Vader scarf

A scarf Darth Vader would love to wear. Check out my Star Wars scarf ideas and the way I made it. Your lack of knitting disturbes me, better start knitting with my pattern. How to knit your own Darth Vader…

knitting the force awakens

The force awakens knitting pattern

The Star Wars teaser is out! Finally! Get the force awakens knitting pattern! See the best fan reactions and discus the four main reasons why Episode 7 will be great again. Four reasons why “The force awakens” will be great…

Knitted Zelda triforce

Zelda triforce – knitting pattern

I have to confess, I never played Zelda… but my girlfriend loved it, therefore I knitted a Zelda Triforce for my geek blanket. Enjoy knitting! KEEP KNITTING!

A knitted Guy Fwakes ( know from the movie "V for Vendetta")

Guy Fawkes knitting pattern

Remember remember to knit at the 5th of november! “There is somethng terribly wrong…” One of the movies you can’t forget. You know the mask and the meaning. Now knit it! “If you are looking fot the guilty you need…