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The dad machine – First month

How is that possible? I considered myself to be more or less a grumpy person. Like the Hulk I needed a trigger to get me grumpy. For me this was bad or to few sleep. It was no fun meeting…

Knitted baby Christmas Sweater with a Santa Claus hat

Santa’s hat – a christmas sweater for a baby

This one is really in the tradition of knitted Christmas sweaters! A bit too much… On the arms I added some simple fair isle rows and a red stripe to make it a bit more christmassy. I really like the…


Newborn christmas sweater

Ho, ho, ho, it’s Christmas sweater time! Have (ugly) sweater become a tradition within the last years or were they always wearable no matter how ugly? Making such a tiny Christmas sweater is so much fun. I checked pinterest for…


A new dimension of time – my first week as a dad

Hi guys! I just managed to survive my first week as a dad. These days were very intense. It sounds cheesy but it was a real roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. The first days were…

My knitted teddy bear

How to become a dad?

Hi guys! I’m becoming a dad! This is totally crazy… It feels like yesterday that I’m in my mid twenties, studying and not caring about anything. A second later I’m over 30, working, married and getting a baby. People are…