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My latest knitting porjects!

The knitted Boa Fett

Knitted Boba Fett

“He is worth a lot to me” my little knitted Boba Fett. Let’s use the knitted Boba to talk some serious Star Wars topics and one of it’s coolest characters. First: Who knows the scene I took the quote from?…


My knitting VLOG went live!

A small knitting vlog upload for man, one giant leap for mankind. Ok, just kidding… But from now on I will vlog on YouTube, hopefully on a regulary basis. Sometimes you just have to start even without having a plan….

Knitted R2D2 hat

beep boop beep – r2d2 hat

This is the droid I was looking for! Check out my knitted R2D2 hat.  I saw these selfamde Star Wars hats around Pinterest and Instargram and needed to make one for myself. R2D2 is my favorite droid of all movies…

My knitted rebell alliance logo.

Knitted Rebell alliance logo

Hey folks, here comes my latest Star Wars knitting project. This is my first attempt to knit intarsia.I always wantedt to be able to knit in more colors and I must say that it’s not really difficult. I love Star…