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A nightmare before christmas knitting

The knitted nightmare before christmas

“What’s this? What’s this?” This is the nightmare before christmas, but knitted! A little visit to Halloween town. I hope you will enjoy the knitting pattern. Please tell me your favorite christmas movies and what you think of the nightmare…

knitting the force awakens

The force awakens knitting pattern

The Star Wars teaser is out! Finally! Get the force awakens knitting pattern! See the best fan reactions and discus the four main reasons why Episode 7 will be great again. Four reasons why “The force awakens” will be great…

Knitted Zelda triforce

Zelda triforce – knitting pattern

I have to confess, I never played Zelda… but my girlfriend loved it, therefore I knitted a Zelda Triforce for my geek blanket. Enjoy knitting! KEEP KNITTING!

The knitted Sherlock Holmes

The knitted Sherlock Holmes

I saw the picture of Sherlock knitting and was totally stunned… I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high-functioning and KNITTING sociopath. Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the few male knitters?! I love him as the actor of Sherlock. His acting…

A knitted Guy Fwakes ( know from the movie "V for Vendetta")

Guy Fawkes knitting pattern

Remember remember to knit at the 5th of november! “There is somethng terribly wrong…” One of the movies you can’t forget. You know the mask and the meaning. Now knit it! “If you are looking fot the guilty you need…

A knitted but dead parrot (Norwegian Blue). He has ceased to be.

This is a knitted but dead parrot! He has ceased to be.

I know a knitted dead parrot when I see one, and I’m looking at one right now. Nononono, no, no! ‘E’s resting! So many legendary quotes in just one sketch. It was an obligation to knit a dead parrot to…

The knitted chewbacca wookie pillow

Knitted Wookie pillow

You want your own Wookie? Then you need to see my very own knitted Chewbacca Wookie pillow! It is not as difficult as it might look like. The knitted wookie pillow is maybe my favorite ever knitted project. Some time ago…

The knitted Boa Fett

Knitted Boba Fett

“He is worth a lot to me” my little knitted Boba Fett. Let’s use the knitted Boba to talk some serious Star Wars topics and one of it’s coolest characters. First: Who knows the scene I took the quote from?…

My knitted rebell alliance logo.

Knitted Rebell alliance logo

Hey folks, here comes my latest Star Wars knitting project. This is my first attempt to knit intarsia.I always wantedt to be able to knit in more colors and I must say that it’s not really difficult. I love Star…