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My knitted Tardis

Knitted Tardis – How to watch stuff while knitting

Hello Whovians! Bow ties are cool, but that is not the topic of this post. A knitted Tardis from Dr. Who is what I’ll be talking about. I decided to make a little Dr. Who square for my geek blanket….

Knitted Goofy - My childhood hero.

Knitted Goofy

When other say that their inspiration is Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Muhammad Ali or Nelson Mandela I have a completly different source of inspiration. Yes I’m weird, but my hero was always and still is Goofy. Yes, the Disney character. You…

Knitted Duff Beer logo.

Knitted Duff Beer for me? Knitted Duff Beer for you?

The Simpsons are pop culture. There is a Simpsons quote for every situation in life. To make a knitted duff beer logo was a duty I was happy to fulfill. Check out my crafted version. What do you think? Feel…

Ed O'Neil, known as Al Bundy, knitted for my geek blanket.

Knitted Al Bundy

I’m pretty proud of this piece for my geek blanket. I actually knitted Ed O’Neill from “Married with Children” better known as Al Bundy. Crazy, isn’t it? As for most of my works for my blanket, this one is mostly…

Knitted Rey and BB-8

Rey and BB-8 knitted for my blanket

What have we been discussing and imagining who and how the new Star Wars characters will be. Will the old and so loved cast play a major or minor role in the new trilogy? How could there possibly be new…

Knitted Loriot sketch. "Badewanne" Die Ente bleibt draussen!

Loriot “Badewanne” knitting pattern

The craziest thing I ever knitted. Two naked old men in a bathtub. Check ou the video with subtitles below. I love this Loriot comic. A quick upload for zebramouse. That is the result! A new piece for my geek…

knitted captain phasma

Captain Phasma – pros and cons

Hello Star Wars fans, what great characters did we see already in the Force Awakens Trailer?! Check out my knitted Captain Phasma and my Pros and Cons list for Phasma. Everyone fell immediately in love with BB8. Me, too! But…

knitted first order stormtrooper star wars

Knitted First Order Stormtrooper

One of the symbols connected to Star Wars: The (knitted) First Order Stormtrooper. But are the new trooper better than the classic ones? Let’s knit a stormtrooper! I am so excited about “The Force awakens” and counting the days until…

Knitted kermit the frog

Knitted Kermit the frog

He is one of my childhood heroes and I still love the old episodes and even the new movies. The muppet show is a firework of creativity, anarchy and humor. To knit Kermit the frog as a piece for my…

knitted silly walk

Ministry of Silly Walks knitting pattern

There are some things that will never change. For example Monty Python. It will always be funny, that is fact. If some futuristic humans will find old copies of the flying circus or maybe of “life of brian”  I am…