A knitter has to do what a knitter has to do

Unravelling can be so annoying. But are there even some positive aspects? Let’s find out! Without doubts having to unravel hours of work is very painful. You invest so much time and passion and in the end you have achieved nothing but frustration. But have you really made mistakes? Never make the mistake to think unraveling knitted stuff is something bad or some kind of failure! Mistakes happen unless you are a robot who knits. Have you ever started a project again from the beginning? I hope so, because I think it tells something about you:

1. You are able to reflect!

Finding mistakes is one thing but really wanting to recognize them a completely different.

2. You can make hard decisions!

Having to unravel hours of work is painful and a very hard decision. Let’s take the easy way and just ignore it? Not with you!

3. You believe in quality!

Small mistakes make our work unique, because it is handmade. Bigger mistakes will look at you forever. You put passion and love into your work and you want them to as good as possible.

4. You grow and learn!

Learning something the hard way will teach you a lesson. You will grow on this much more as if you just let it pass.

5. You are patient!

Be patient young padawan. :) You take the time to create something awesome and don’t want to just quickly finish stuff.

I had to unravel almost five hours of work. The picture didn’t turn out to be what I wanted it to be. The pattern didn’t work with the used colours. The blanket will be with my hopefully for many decades and I don’t want to look at a piece that disturbs the whole picture. So let’s start again…. Hopefully for the last time.

I want to share this bitter moment with you!

Did you ever unravel hours of work?

Please comment!