What are 8bit blankets?

What are 8bit blankets? It is very easy to explain but hard to create. It bases on the 8bit graphics we know from old computer games. Out of a few colors and pixels simple pictures were created. Instead of pixel…


Star Wars knitting inspiration

You seek Star Wars knitting inspiration and ideas? Me, too. I started my YouTube section “knitting isnpiration”. In my first episode I want to share my favortie Star Wars crafts I found out there. Please enjoy and leave a comment!…

R2D2 painting for my knit'n'roll room

R2D2 painting for my knit’n’roll room

Hey guys! I just want to quickly share my new R2D2 painting with you. It’s gonna be part of my knit’n’roll room. A perfect mix between irish pub and Star Wars. I bought it from my addiction shop qwertee. You…


A hunt for Harry Potter yarn

No, this is not a yarn haul. This is the result of my hunt. Real knitting men hunt. I needed some Harry Potter Yarn for a right now secret Gryffindor project. This meant red and yellow yarn that is not…


How to make crafting pictures?

Making knitting or other crafting pictures can be very difficult and mostly it takes a lot of time. I really wanted to make more and better pictures as well as videos and tutorials. One of my biggest obstacles were the…


Who knits in summer? What do you knit?

Guys! Help me prove someone that he is totally wrong about knitting! There are some prejudices about knitting and knitters. It’s just for women and especially older women. One other is about the “right” time  to knit. I’ve been talking…


What is shame knitting?

I’m pretty shure you know what shame knitting is! We all are doing it in our very own way. The first step towards shame knitting: It starts with buying yarn? Why is that a problem? Because you know you don’t…



To quote Pearl Jam: “Oh, I, oh, I’m still alive. Hey, I, oh, I’m still alive”. I’m a bit embarassed that I couldn’t write more blog posts and make more videos for YouTube. As we are moving, renovating and trying…

My knitted Tardis

Knitted Tardis – How to watch stuff while knitting

Hello Whovians! Bow ties are cool, but that is not the topic of this post. A knitted Tardis from Dr. Who is what I’ll be talking about. I decided to make a little Dr. Who square for my geek blanket….

The crochet chewbacca blanket. My first ever Star Wars granny square blanket!

Star Wars Wookie blanket – from Granny squares to Chewbacca

Arrrrgh Raaaw! My Wookie voice imitation sounds really bad. Have you ever heard of 8bit blankets? It’s a simple and great technique to make geeky blankets. I discovered them two years ago. So much great stuff out there! Needles to…